At this point I note that I’m doing better in individual assignments than in team work. So I guess I need to strengthen team work. And that’s true that I feel way less comfortable working in groups than by myself. But it’s also true that here due to the barrier of the language I cannot act like I’m acting when working in groups in French.

And I also noticed that the way Americans work together is a bit different. Maybe the biggest difference lies in the logic, the reasoning, which has caused many issues inside the group. What seems to be the absolute logic for me was absolutely not for my American team members and vice versa.

The last part of this self-assessment will deal with the organization at school. In France we only have final exams during the final week of each semester. At CSU Monterey Bay, and especially true for the marketing class we have exams every week. Nevertheless I’m glad I didn’t miss any of the weekly assignments so far.


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