Direct marketing, online marketing and developing an online marketing

What are direct and online marketings? And how do companies develop an online marketing?

cat7Direct marketing is one of the five methods used by companies to advertise their products. With this method, companies are connecting directly with their target market. Recently, the direct marketing is the fastest-growing form of advertising because the direct aspect of this method is convenient for both customers and companies. Indeed, companies target smaller market segments, it’s more efficient than targeting the all population. And in consequence advertisements can be more specific, customers feel more interested. Moreover, for sellers, direct marketing is one the cheapest means of communications.

We can find height forms of direct marketing:

Direct marketing

Amongst those eight methods, the most ‘in’ is the online marketing because of the technological and societal changes (the macro-environment).With the expanse of the Internet, people are more and more connected and now consumers can buy almost everything online through websites. Some companies don’t even have physical presence but they only sell online (Amazon for example); they are called the click-only companies.

In order for companies to develop an online presence, they must follow some essential steps:


In my marketing plan, in order to avoid extra costs we decided to advertise only online. At that moment setting an online marketing presence was very significant for our brand to be known by customers. So we decided to follow the steps described above. We had a big budget for placing ads online and more specifically on social media (Facebook being our first target social media because of the huge number of everyday users and because it meets our target market). We realized that as marketers we cannot pay Facebook as well as Google by spending an amount of money at once, they are using a cost per view which was pretty hard to understand. So the cost depends on how many people are going to click on the ad. This is even harder for marketers.

Here you can find the link to my final marketing plan and the final powerpoint pressentation:

Marketing Plan


Image’s reference:


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