In my business school in France, we have a very strong associative life; alongside of our classes almost everybody takes part in an association. My school strongly believes in the associative life because it allows students to apply what they learn in class in real situations. This is a real part of my study. Different themes are offered, sports, technology, humanitarian, AIDS fight and so many more. It’s totally 23 associations present on campus.

When I first entered the school I was directly attracted by the three relief organizations. I picked one of them, our goal was to provide dance lessons and singing lessons to young talents that don’t have to financial abilities to pay for it. Once the talents found, we were like their artistic managers. But what was hard was that I didn’t know how to make them famous or at least a little bit more famous than they were.

And thanks to this marketing class, I have a strongest understanding on several marketing concepts that can be applied to my work in this association. For example, I’ve learned a lot concerning the online marketing and how to develop a strong online marketing presence. We don’t sell any products but the online reputation of our talents is very important. Today, artists’ reputations are mainly based on social media and more largely online. So I think we are going to create them pages on Facebook and on other social media to keep their fans aware of their news. We can also create them a website on which we can describe their improvements, put some videos of their dance or singing lessons. Why not create a page for each of their concerts and invite all their friends to join the concert? The future looks bright for them!


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