In this section, the goal is to prove my understanding of the several outcomes of this class.

–          Use appropriate terminology to communicate with marketing specialists and others about marketing concepts

Reading marketing concepts from the textbook is one think but being able to talk about it freely and with details is another thing. I think that with the exercise of the practicum presentation, I am able to meet this first outcome, at least for the single chapter I was assigned to. If the speaker didn’t deeply understand the concepts he has to talk about, the audience will notice it and obviously it might result in misunderstandings on core concepts.


–          Understand more clearly how marketing affects you as a consumer and how you influence marketing practices

The first chapter that we began with was the definition of marketing (you can find it in the first tab of the portfolio if needed) and the main thing to remember is that marketing is not a one-way process but rather a two-way process. Indeed, marketers have to understand their customers in order to create value for customers so customers are influencing marketers. But at the same time marketers are also influencing customers by many ways. They are using all kind of advertisements to influence consumers. Like it or not, as consumers we are highly suggestible by our environment.


–          Identify and interpret changes in the environment which affect marketing activities

When talking about the environment, make sure you distinguish the two possible environments: the macro- and the micro-environment. The micro-environment is composed of all the actors close to the company including suppliers, competitors, or customers. The macro-environment is rather actors from outside, from the social life like technological, social, or economic forces. All those forces have an impact on the micro-environment.

Given the fact that marketers are closely linked to customers, they have to conduct research in order to deliver more values. And as a consequence, marketers are able to see any change in the macro-environment and react proactively to those changes.

In our marketing plan, we took the idea of the solar powered phone from the technological and societal changes.


–          Understand how marketing interacts with and is interdependent with other functional areas within a company

For a company to be successful, it’s well known, all the different departments have to communicate and interact. The situation is the same when you work in a team for any school project. The key to success is the consistency. I think that marketing is the department in the middle of the others.


–          Describe the role and contribution that marketing plays in organizations and society

Marketing is playing a role more and more important in our today’s society. Indeed, with the emergence of all means of communication, people, or consumers in terms of marketing are surrounded by advertisements and products to buy. The consumer society is not a myth. As said previously marketing is a two-way process, consumers are influencing marketers and vice versa.

Within organizations, the marketing department is the one in charge of selling the product by the more ways as possible. They also are in charge of all the work included between understanding customers’ needs and the final sale. No marketing department means basically no sale.


–          Develop a good understanding of current marketing concepts, strategies and techniques

This outcome seems to be close to the first one for me.  I feel like this portfolio that you are currently reading is also a proof that I can communicate well with marketing specialists and others about marketing concepts implying a good understanding of current marketing concepts. The deeper I understood marketing concepts the easier it should be for you to read it!


–          Understand how marketing decisions are made

The best way for students to understand how marketing decisions are made was to be faced to those decisions. The real situation brought by the writing of an entire marketing plan seems to be the best evidence. Indeed, during the writing of this marketing plan, the team has to decide everything from A to Z without letting the consistency and the logic aside.


–          Know how organizations search for new marketing opportunities and select target markets

Organizations are searching for new marketing opportunities by conducting lots of research. All possibilities from surveys to customer’s feedbacks should be deeply analyzed to drawn some interesting conclusions useful for future marketing strategies.


–          Explain how the marketing mix elements are blended into a cohesive marketing program

In order to be known by the most consumers as possible, companies have to use several means of communication. They have to choose the most appropriate for their target markets and the product their want to sell. The benefices of an integrated marketing communications (meaning using several ways of communications) are multiples. They are reaching more customers given their features. For example if a company wants to target the young generation, they should probably develop a heavy online presence through social media.


–          Develop an understanding of the ethical and global issues facing people working in the marketing function

See the subtab ‘Ethics as related to marketing’


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