My challenges

I believe that my greatest challenge is to turn marketing concepts into real physical things. I already know that the best way for me to understand is to find relevant examples. If I simply read the textbook without trying to find examples illustrating those concepts, I’ll probably not remember a lot of what I’ve just read. I sometimes use the examples provided by the textbook. I also believe that company cases at the end of each chapter helps me understanding concepts.

Nevertheless, it is often hard to find the logical link between examples provided and concepts simply because I don’t know almost anything about American big companies, at least about their history which often has consequences on their current situation. Something that is obvious for Americans is less obvious for foreigners. For example, I was having hard time trying to find competitors in my marketing plan because I started from scratch.

Everything seems easy when one just skims through the headlines of each chapter, what I did in my previous marketing class. But understanding details of concepts is more difficult and I believe that in order to succeed marketers should have a strong and full understanding of concepts. The smallest detail can have an impact on how big will the success (or the fail) be.

But what about my challenges at the end of the semester? 

I think my challenges for this class are still the same, I mean examples and chapter company cases are still relevant and they helped my understanding of marketing concepts through the entire semester. I really need to find a way to turn all those concepts into real situations.

What I found really interesting and I think it was the element I’ve learned the most from is the marketing plan. Once the textbook was done reading the best students could have done is applying all (almost) the concepts learned in the marketing plan. Basically, the marketing plan is a lot of examples covering all concepts put together as if we were marketing our product.

Not only had we had to write the all marketing in team we also had to present it in front of the class. The oral presentation required a thorough understanding of our marketed product. And as listeners to the other teams, I can tell when a concept is not deeply understood, so I guess people can tell when it’s the case for me.

Both exercises were hard in terms of marketing but also in terms of human relationships. Indeed, the marketing plan was a team project. And sometimes it was difficult to find a common ground. For example, when we had to think about the marketing mix (see the marketing mix category for more information about what is it), we strongly disagree on how are we going to advertise our solar powered cellphone.


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