I am strongly concerned about the environment and any form of sustainability. Even if I had a marketing class last year, we didn’t talk about how sustainability could be related to marketing. That is the reason why I didn’t really want to work in marketing but it still an important part of my business studies. Now that I’m aware of that I can easily imagine myself working in marketing in a company that takes care of the environment only. One of the company cases was kind of a revelation for me was on Burt’s Bees In the company case they described how they adopt a proactive behavior instead of a passive one concerning sustainability.

Today global warming is something people have to take into account especially big companies that have an impact on this climate change.

As well as sustainability, ethics is something I already cared about. From my point of view, big companies were just taking advantages of their employees, but now I know that some companies actually care about them. For example, working for Google seems to be nice and enjoyable because they don’t put their employees under any kind of pressure. If the working environment is not good, it can have some bad consequences. For example, in one of the biggest companies is France, France Telecom , employees are put under pressure and several of them already committed suicide. That is exactly the environment I don’t want to work in.

I think I’m a people person and now I can tell that even in my career I can still be a people person if I found a company that matches both ethics and sustainability criteria.


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